Calm Before The Storm

Giving up is never a noble cause, but how much burden can one bear? And often as we walk with people around us, we start to understand how we become so isolated. It’s not like we’re alone, but the problems we face are our problems. No one can bail us out, no one can help us out. The only solution is the one we’re able to muster through the overcast. Life builds on top of itself, all the while applying it’s weight onto my shoulders. The weight causing my knees to bucket although I try to put up a fight. Then my eyelids begin to close. I can’t fight forever. And as my lids come closer to kissing, I see the blue in the sky get swallowed by the black. The tiny droplets fall gently  and sink into my skin. It’s the calm before the storm. And with my last gasp of air, I am overwhelmed with the noxious fragrance of rain. The sweet scent filled my lungs. I continue to look at the dark sky knowing that there a strong storm before me. But just like every other storm I have seen before, this one will be over soon enough. And the calm before the storm is actually more violent than the storm, because of the speculation that captures the moment. It’s our own perception that makes the storm dangerous. As the rain falls from the heavens it shall cleanse the earth, and what seemed to be a curse was actually a blessing disgust.  Goodnight and stay sexy 



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