Money Cannot Buy All The Love That’s Here Tonight

It’s hard to explain our passion. There are reasons that are special to each and everyone of us of why we do this. Whether it’s because we have a mom, dad, family member, friend, or loved one who has cancer or had cancer, or merely because it is simply just unfair for a child to have to fight against something so evil, we all come together. We come together for the simply fact that no one should feel alone, especially a child, and so they know they have over 17,000 people fighting along side of them. Some might say that we are crazy for dancing for 46 hours. But sometimes you have to hurt for the cause to be reached. The pain the dancers and everyone feels that weekend couldn’t come close to the physical and emotional pain these children and their families feel everyday. When we look at a broken world, THON makes everything seem right. And although people may not understand, in only a few short moments they will know who are. We are Wise to know that it is because of our efforts that will dance in celebration one day. We are Courageous to take on such insurmountable feat. We are Strong to bear the burden this families and child feel for a lifetime. We are honest with this children and make them smile, laugh, and enjoy life, and it is in those moments the real reason why we THON. In those moments we know no child can feel pain, because they know they are loved. No matter if you are on the floor or in the nosebleeds, with one look around the BJC you know no amount of money can buy all of the love that fills that stadium. To close out THON 2014 one last time, raise your hands towards the sky for Chris and every child who has fought, who are fighting, and who are now our angels watching over us. Forever & Always FTK 

Goodnight and Stay Sexy



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