I am out of my mind. No time to over analyze every event that happens and why it happens. I just have no control over anything anymore. I’m not out of my mind like crazy, but I am outside my mind. I act on things foreign to my nature. I don’t know where I am going. I don’t know how I will get there. I feel nothing. No sorrow, no joy, no happiness. I feel feeling that are unable to be felt. I feel nothing. Goodnight and stay sexy


We all crave something. This craving goes beyond our primal instincts of gluttony and gastric delights.  These cravings come from deep in our soul, reach far back into our mind, and allow our heart to beat. Now I know many of you will think I am talking about attention. Although we all want and love attention, that craving is superficial and short term. However, we need something that is going to fulfill our cravings to the fullest. It is the desire for deep connections with other people. When you really think about our purpose in this world, it all stems back to the many connections we make with others. We weave these intricate webs with other people. It seems the more intricate the web, the more delightful the catch. The reward of these connections is simply happiness. To feel emotions others have felt. To meet people that can feel our emotions. To talk with people, not at, but with people to not only understand them but ourselves as well. Today’s world has more hungry people than ever before. Just look in the eyes of someone walking past you, and see the sadness. We build relationships with others on artificial foundations, which makes their demise that much easier. Our sole purpose in life is to find and make those deep connections with people that go beyond the surface. That go beyond the walls that protect our heart, mind, and soul. But you can’t buy connections, nor can they be manufactured. Those connections are had by people who are able to be honest with others and themselves. Today, there is no honesty and that’s why too many people die hungry. Goodnight and Stay sexy