The hardest thing for many people to do is move onto the next chapter of their lives. It’s easy to talk about, and it’s easy to go through the motions of moving on. However, the real battle happens in our heads. Where we have a difficult time with parting from something in our life we hold dear. The reality of the situation is, we cannot move onto the next chapter of our lives without closing the one we are currently in. Many people have a difficult time knowing when to end, stop talking, and wrap up their thoughts. The same applies to real life. We struggle with knowing our time has come, and for us to let go of the reigns seems impossible. 


But I urge each and everyone of you to evaluate your current status in life. Determine whether or not if you are happy with everything that is going on around you. Determine whether or not you have taken advantage of every opportunity you could of. We may not be happy, we may not have pushed ourselves towards greatness; but we have to realize when to say enough is enough.Closing one chapter only opens a new beginning. And the best books are those that take the readers on an emotional roller coaster, in which the main character becomes a better person by the final page. Life takes you on that same journey. Embrace the happy chapters and be thankful for the sad chapters, because together they create the story of who we are. Good night and stay sexy


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