These next few weeks will lead up to the most exciting, inspirational, and challenging weekend of my life. However, it seems that the stress of everyday activities keeps getting to me. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to fight for everything in life. Sometimes I wish I could just take a back seat on some topics and issues. Sometimes, being the crusade leader is a lonely place to be. I always thing whether or not it is worth the fight. I have a daily internal struggle that conflicts with everything I stand for. Although, many people see me as a fighter, they have no idea that the hardest battle is the one inside my head. A conflict between doing what’s right and just standing by. I know I cannot be everyone’s hero, but I know I always wished growing up I had a hero. And although I cannot be everyone’s hero, I will not allow that to stop me from trying. My mind has been tainted, but my heart will always remain pure. Good night and stay sexy


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