It’s days like today that test my mental and emotional strength. We get so caught up in such little details of our lives that we forget how to live. Lately, I have been at lost to find whether or not all my efforts mean anything. Whether or not I am just wasting time, or if my hard work will one day pay off. It hasn’t paid off yet. I think if all this stress is really worth it, and I don’t understand those people who can just walk through life without noticing their surroundings. I think, right now, the one thing that keeps me going is hope. Although I have lost much hope, there is still one aspect of my little that will never lose hope. In 14 days, I shall be surrounded by hope, and by proof that my hard work as paid off. In 14 days I will be dancing for 46 hours for kids with cancer. Those children have inspired me in the past year and a half in ways I couldn’t even had wished for. They inspire me to be a better person, and the person I want to be. And it seems 46 hours on my feet is the least I can do in return. Forever & Always FTK. Good night and stay sexy


Ex – Rated

It’s that empty feeling

Scars form without healing

Past memories reeling

My mind must keep dealing

With the fact of one loss

Aside a violent toss

My heart shall be no boss

And stones shall gather no moss.

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These next few weeks will lead up to the most exciting, inspirational, and challenging weekend of my life. However, it seems that the stress of everyday activities keeps getting to me. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to fight for everything in life. Sometimes I wish I could just take a back seat on some topics and issues. Sometimes, being the crusade leader is a lonely place to be. I always thing whether or not it is worth the fight. I have a daily internal struggle that conflicts with everything I stand for. Although, many people see me as a fighter, they have no idea that the hardest battle is the one inside my head. A conflict between doing what’s right and just standing by. I know I cannot be everyone’s hero, but I know I always wished growing up I had a hero. And although I cannot be everyone’s hero, I will not allow that to stop me from trying. My mind has been tainted, but my heart will always remain pure. Good night and stay sexy

The Past

It’s hard to let go of a past that has met so much to you. How could anyone replace the hole that the one you loved had left? And although we might tell ourselves we are over our first love, it is never true. You can never really be over someone you know is perfect for you. And all you want is just a second chance, but sometimes those chances just never come. You feel empty because of it. And you just sit and wait for someone to fill that hole, but the whole time knowing that’s a task that could never be fulfilled.  Goodnight and stay sexy

Bringing Sexy Back!

I am please to announce that I will be bringing back the nightly posts that have gotten the name of ‘good night and stay sexy.’ I would love for everyone to read them and show their friends and family. The meaning behind these posts come from the heart. I talk about the adventures in my life and the things i learn each day. I observe my surroundings and gather thoughts and idea about our society. I speak the truth. I am honest. And post the thoughts other are too afraid to post. So look for my posts every night! 😉